"First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others."

Thomas A Kempis (1380-1471)

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Welcome to USS Harbinger. This Federation starship is aptly named, for more than one of her crews has met with grim disaster. Still, ill fate can sometimes birth strange new victories. My name is Emma Daystrom, the Tau Class artificial intelligence now inhabiting this vessel. I have been tasked with rescuing both ship and refugee crew from destruction. Upon accomplishing this, I and my crew are supposed to return Harbinger to Starfleet. At least, that is what people tell us.

Simm Year: 2392

* Prospective Players, be forewarned. This is a Fast Paced Sim! *

Latest News Items

» Need A Fun Diversion?

Posted on 07/13/2016 @ 8:47pm by Emma Daystrom in General News

If you have an itch for the crazies?
Try your hand at composing new lyric verses for an ancient classic "Drunken Sailor."

"What do ya do with a drunken Klingon?"

I luv Kee Smith's driving cover:


» Post Signatures

Posted on 07/12/2016 @ 11:49am by Emma Daystrom in General News

I was challenged on the importance of putting 'signatures' in posts. It's a good thing to periodically review 'what we do' and 'why we do'. The whole ON/OFF thing was just a convention that sims used a while back. They seem to be cosmetic. But signatures are important for several reasons.

• A peculiar thing happens in Nova after characters are deactivated. If a post is edited {example: moved into a different mission group}, then all currently inactive characters disappear from the participant list. I've seen some sims that had posts with no participants listed at all. In similar vein, some characters get deleted entirely {not healthy for Nova stability}. Same results. A signature preserves the list of participants, whether they are active or not.

• Name changes. For example, a Trill might change hosts. (Dax) A name change might be involved. Same character, different name. Opening a post to read in Nova only shows the current name. A signature would preserve the original name under which the post was created.

• Rank changes. A year ago, an ensign would be responding to a lieutenant with 'Sir' and be receiving orders. A year later, the same character might be promoted to commander, for example. New readers of old posts in Nova would see a mismatch between post content and current participant rank.

• Reprints. Sometimes, posts might be reprinted or archived at other websites. Copying the content of a post might not include peripheral 'metadata'. That's why I include characters, ship name, and fleet (if any).

Signatures will be my own personal practice, one which I recommend.


» Step-Sister Ship

Posted on 06/15/2016 @ 8:49am by Emma Daystrom in General News

It's probably a strange thing, seeing a Sim advertise for another Sim. But... there is a new one at Bravo Fleet that is worth taking a look at. It came together with remarkable quickness and is off and running, many new players.

So far, it's a blast. I run a simple and humble nurse in the crew. For some reason, people have used Nurse Ratchet, Marquis de Sade, and Nurse McStabby in discussions IC/OOC about her. Now as to Why, I can't possibly imagine. :D

Many sims start very strong but then slow down. I'm hoping that Vindex will keep cruising along. It is far more conventional of a Trek Sim than Harby. Well... outside of sickbay, Mwa-ha-haaa!!

USS Vindex - http://vindex.bravofleet.com/


» Annnd, another field - Voice Quality

Posted on 05/30/2016 @ 11:13am by Emma Daystrom in General News

I've added a single line field for voice quality.
There are too many possibilities for practical dropdowns, so it's a text line.

• mezzo-soprano
• baritone
• gruff
• loud
• weak
• robotic
• DJ smooth
• raspy
• mesmerizing
• soothing
• lizard hiss
• infrasonic
• shrill

Lots and lots of possibilities, here.


» New Bio Field - Combat Ability

Posted on 05/30/2016 @ 10:59am by Emma Daystrom in General News

I really don't know why I didn't create this field long, long ago.
I've listed general HTH abilities in the general profile are in the past.
The new field is located in the Abilities Tab of character profiles.

Remember, there is still also the Special Maneuvers field for things like 'boot to the head'. ;)


Latest Mission Posts

» Counterstrike

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Posted on 08/06/2016 @ 10:09am by Captain Xeletos & Emma Daystrom & Chief Warrant Officer Third Class Rib Bunkerbuff & Sorella/SYSTER [P: Emma]


USS Harbinger waited until close proximity to Singosh before decelerating. There would be no drop into normal space within the solar system. Asteroid debris was far too dense. Indeed, even with skillful helming, it would be a strain on the navigation deflector to make progress.

SYSTER announced, ==Optimal attack…

» Probing Interest

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Posted on 08/02/2016 @ 12:50pm by Captain Xeletos & Emma Daystrom & Chief Warrant Officer Third Class Rib Bunkerbuff & Sorella/SYSTER [P: Emma]


As USS Harbinger streaked at flank speed toward Singosh, the bridge crew watched camera and sensor feeds on mainscreen. Capt. Allenger of USS Omar Bradley had dropped probes into the system during his retreat. Now having the activation codes, Capt. Xeletos elected to activate one of them.

SYSTER analyzed…

» Drafting Soldier-Bots

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Posted on 07/25/2016 @ 1:27pm by Emma Daystrom & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Captain Xeletos & Sorella/SYSTER [P: Emma]


Capt. Xeletos wasn't one to idle on the bridge or in an office. If activity was called for, he liked to present himself at the locus. Walking at his usual brisk pace, he coursed the corridors toward Toybox. He wasn't such an odd sight any more. People were becoming…

» A Threat Resurrected

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Posted on 07/24/2016 @ 3:08pm by Ichabod Zorch 13th & Emma Daystrom & MAX


Sometimes, far distant events set into motion have a watershed effect. The Hall of Justice in the Venzarian capital served as a prison-on-display for the public. Atop pedestals were bio-cases holding living, conscious heads of convicts. Ichabod Zorch the 13th was one of them.

During his yet indefinite confinement,…

» Bugging Strategies

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Posted on 07/24/2016 @ 2:41pm by Emma Daystrom & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Captain Xeletos & Ensign Zareena Darzjan & Chief Warrant Officer Third Class Rib Bunkerbuff


Captain Xeletos decided to convene the planning session on the bridge. They were too close to pending battle to indulge in conference tables and coffee. He explained, "We've just received word. The independent outpost Sigma Seven has come under Clendathu assault. The bugs are landing on the planet. Emma?"…

Latest Personal Logs

» 4.209 internal communication

Posted on 12/23/2015 @ 10:00am by Registered Crew Member Class:B Dum-E


Big Human took me to home planet to see its makers. Had a Furry exocomp that tried face to face interface, but could not produce correct networking, has biological input/output. Planet too wet for liking. Prefer big ship.

Big ship changed now, more chatter on wireless frequencies. Increased EM…

» CSO log, what the ---

Posted on 12/15/2015 @ 1:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Johnston Grant

Chief Science Officer's log- USS Harbinger.

Stardate- haven't a scooby, ship's chronometer's stuffed.
Location- too scared to look out a window, and no star charts.

Came back off leave, Great seeing Mum again. Dad's memorial looked pretty swish, white marble in the shape of a celtic cross outside the infirmary,…

» Ensign Sh'rillil personal Log; Epidemic - MD1.2231.

Posted on 08/26/2015 @ 6:30pm by Ensign Myra Sh'rillil

"Computer start recording and timestamp.

~ sigh ~

So yeah, today was great. I don't understand how they manage to get anything done on ops side... unless they pull some people from other departments. I'll have to ask.


Yeah... real great day. There was meeting.
With ..

» Ensign Sh'rillil personal Log; Shoreleave: Settling Right In - MD6: 2233h

Posted on 08/21/2015 @ 11:10am by Ensign Myra Sh'rillil

"Computer start personal log and timestamp. ..
Ok so.. new ship. Really not what I expected. Where do I start? hmmm

So I got in with about 15 minutes to spare. Met the quartermaster, and was told to meet up with the XO.
Since my last…

» Cometh the Man

Posted on 03/31/2015 @ 7:54am by 1st Lieutenant Kevin Barnaby


So after asking for the last couple of months, I've finally been given the transfer I requested. USS Harbinger, Insignia Class and apparently they're looking for an experienced Marine CO.

I guess I'm pretty lucky to still have a job now and not be on some freighter running spices…