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Step-Sister Ship

Posted on 06/15/2016 @ 8:49am by Emma Daystrom

It's probably a strange thing, seeing a Sim advertise for another Sim. But... there is a new one at Bravo Fleet that is worth taking a look at. It came together with remarkable quickness and is off and running, many new players.

So far, it's a blast. I run a simple and humble nurse in the crew. For some reason, people have used Nurse Ratchet, Marquis de Sade, and Nurse McStabby in discussions IC/OOC about her. Now as to Why, I can't possibly imagine. :D

Many sims start very strong but then slow down. I'm hoping that Vindex will keep cruising along. It is far more conventional of a Trek Sim than Harby. Well... outside of sickbay, Mwa-ha-haaa!!

USS Vindex -



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