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Post Signatures

Posted on 07/12/2016 @ 11:49am by Emma Daystrom

I was challenged on the importance of putting 'signatures' in posts. It's a good thing to periodically review 'what we do' and 'why we do'. The whole ON/OFF thing was just a convention that sims used a while back. They seem to be cosmetic. But signatures are important for several reasons.

• A peculiar thing happens in Nova after characters are deactivated. If a post is edited {example: moved into a different mission group}, then all currently inactive characters disappear from the participant list. I've seen some sims that had posts with no participants listed at all. In similar vein, some characters get deleted entirely {not healthy for Nova stability}. Same results. A signature preserves the list of participants, whether they are active or not.

• Name changes. For example, a Trill might change hosts. (Dax) A name change might be involved. Same character, different name. Opening a post to read in Nova only shows the current name. A signature would preserve the original name under which the post was created.

• Rank changes. A year ago, an ensign would be responding to a lieutenant with 'Sir' and be receiving orders. A year later, the same character might be promoted to commander, for example. New readers of old posts in Nova would see a mismatch between post content and current participant rank.

• Reprints. Sometimes, posts might be reprinted or archived at other websites. Copying the content of a post might not include peripheral 'metadata'. That's why I include characters, ship name, and fleet (if any).

Signatures will be my own personal practice, one which I recommend.



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