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Name Sorella/SYSTER [P: Emma]

Position Ship's Computer

Character Information

Nickname Syster
Gender Female
Species Multi-Vector Computer with Living Human Avatar
Age: Chronological 0
Age: Physical 17
Approx. Lifespan unknown
Date of Birth 2392
Place of Birth USS Harbinger
Citizenship Cygnus Minor
Monikers Computer Aspect name: SYSTER
Unique Living Avater name: Sorella
Special Character Availability Status Available Only in Joint Posts

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 105 lbs.
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Syster's primary incarnation was a plasma construct inside the holosuite.
Over time, her virtual circuits were replicated into physical form and installed throughout the ship.

Writeup -

Update: SYSTER acquired a unique living avatar at Planet Solaris. While she is aboard ship, she is seamlessly integrated with the supercomputer complex. Offship, she's essentially a normal humanoid. Sexuality is dormant.
Voice Quality Higher pitched, quiet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Much knowledge, little experience. Emotions are new and often overwhelming for her.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Sorella has an aversion to anything that dulls clarity of mind, including alcohol.
Hobbies & Interests
Available for Relationships no
Personal Xenosophy
Quirks & Habits
Loyalty to Federation Conditional


Titles & Ranks
Enemies & Hazards
Friends & Allies
Medical Notes • Minor phobia of being separated from her SYSTER aspect.
Personal History
Service (Backstory)
Service (RPG)


Species Highlights
Relationship Status Single
Father Solaria
Mother Emma Daystrom
Legal Wards
Other Family

Family Pics


Natural Abilities
Language(s) Spoken
Learned Skills
Combat Abilities Not a particularly good hand-to-hand fighter at this time.
Special Maneuvers
Telepempathic Rating Nonexistent
Telempathic Skills Although not rated as a telepath, avatar Sorella is an average human when it comes learning the use of psionic devices.
Technopathic Rating Exceptional
Technopathic Skills Defencive capabilities far exceed Offensive tools.
Mary Sue Factor Guilty as charged

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment
Personal Weapons
Personal Vehicles
Offship Property