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Name MAX

Position Zorch Minion

Character Information

Species Robot
Age: Chronological 1
Age: Physical 1
Approx. Lifespan
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Zorch's Command Ship
Citizenship Zorch minion
Special Character Availability Status

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 275 lbs.
Hair Color none
Eye Color glowing red
Physical Description MAX is menacing in form, robotic voice, and actions.
Constructed for obedient mayhem and bodyguard duty, he looks the part.
Voice Quality

Personality & Traits

General Overview MAX has no personality. He has two modes, Standby and Aggression.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quintessential emotionless alertness.
+ Impressive array of Zorch weapons mounted.
+ Armored and shielded. Incorporates a number of features stolen from SYSTER.
+ EMP hardened, uses optical circuits instead of electrical when possible.

- Zorch omitted any traces of Asimovian Laws in his circuits.
- Dismisses many, if not most non-Zorch communications as irrelevant.
- Extremely dangerous. Federation has shoot-on-sight orders.
- MAX is intellect without sentience, no possibility of making human appeals to him.
Ambitions Programmed to serve. Born to Destroy.
Hobbies & Interests
Available for Relationships no
Personal Xenosophy
Quirks & Habits
Loyalty to Federation


Titles & Ranks
Enemies & Hazards Just about every sentient with moral integrity.
Friends & Allies Zorch's empire.
Medical Notes
Personal History Anything which has been associated with evil is of interest to Ichabod Zorch. The villain took stock of his present and probable future enemies and adapted the Maximilian plans accordingly. With crime network connections rivaling the Orion Syndicate, he procured a deadly array of illegal weapons for his new Right Hand Robot. What he couldn't obtain from Orion, he got from Ferenginar.
Education Programmed by Zorch's Labóritory.
Service (Backstory)
Service (RPG)


Species Highlights
Relationship Status n/a
Legal Wards
Other Family

Family Pics


Natural Abilities
Language(s) Spoken
Learned Skills
Combat Abilities
Special Maneuvers
Telepempathic Rating
Telempathic Skills
Technopathic Rating
Technopathic Skills
Mary Sue Factor I am Special

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment • Sensor Cloak
• Body Armor
• Borg Body Shields

... more to come.
Personal Weapons Mounted Weapon Options include:
• Grenades. (Frag, acid cloud, poison, plague, incendiary, ion,... you name it.)
• EM Cyber-Lash.
• Dizzy weapon (gravity & ultrasonic)

• Holo-construct Jammer.
• Plasma flame thrower (Jorch's favorite)
• Harkonin style homing darts.

• Modified Borg assimilation microbots.
• Collapsteel high speed cutting radial blade.
• Entanglement projector.

• Varon-T disruptor (simply because it is illegal)
• Fusion lance.
• Concussion blaster.

... more to come.
(Obviously, Max can't carry all these at the same time.)
Personal Vehicles
Offship Property