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Ensign Zareena Darzjan

Name Zareena Darzjan

Position Intelligence Officer (Alternate)

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Nickname Gravity Girl
Gender Female
Species Tyrrhenian
Age: Chronological 30
Age: Physical 20
Approx. Lifespan 200-600 yrs
Date of Birth 2362
Place of Birth Outer Colony {tbd}
Citizenship Desian Alliance
Monikers Another nickname - Snoopy
Special Character Availability Status Available Only in Joint Posts

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 108 lbs.
Hair Color Varies (vivid orange)
Eye Color Varies (light brown)
Physical Description Zareena has a light frame. She is PFH, pass-for-human, but her DNA is significantly different.

Her voice is mezzo-soprano in range, and she is usually calmly soft spoken.

Partly out of personal fancy for fashion and partly for intelligence work purposes, Zareena has developed a talent for dressing-to-blend in with many different cultures. She's not so much a master of disguise as she is highly adaptive to local garb and mannerisms. While remaining distinctly recognizable as herself, it can be difficult to tell that she's actually a foreigner. As a result, her appearance alters considerably on a regular basis.
Voice Quality Strong mezzo-soprano

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zareena is quietly aggressive in actions, but a wallflower socially. She's often pegged as a loner, but that is because she prefers the freedom and flexibility that comes with solo assignments.

Her eyes are quick to mist with tears from stress or pain, but this is common for her species. This often gives the impression that she's a 'crybaby', but in fact she isn't.

She devotes regular time to combat and weapons training, although she's careful to avoid advertising it. She's just as likely to use a weapon on someone harassing her as she is to simply walk away.

She prefers the anonymity which comes with low status and rank.
Strengths & Weaknesses + As are most of her kind, Zareena is phenomenal at Freerunning & Parkour. Good luck catching her in a running chase. You'll need it.

+ Strong personal drive.
+ Low fear factor.
+ Although no genius, she's a good, disciplined learner.

+ Racially difficult for telepaths to read inner thoughts.
+ Reliable team member.
+ Has been certified as a fleet pilot and field medic.

- Slow to trust.
- Searches for loopholes in orders which constrain her.
- Too secretive at times.

- Even when she is loyal, people don't tend to get the warm fuzzies about it.
- Shies away from leadership roles.
- Has a sense of humor, but not a strong one.

- Alcoholic drinks tend to precipitate a glow of pain in her metabolism. While not life threatening, it's definitely cause for taking a counteractant before socializing.
Ambitions To perennially improve skills and knowledge.
Otherwise, she hasn't yet felt any particular 'calling' in life.
Hobbies & Interests • The 'spy world' and all that it entails.
• As all Tyrrhenian girls learn, buoyant ballet.
• Xeno-dance, isn't bashful.
Available for Relationships no
Personal Xenosophy • Relationship-wise, she's not xenophobic, but she will only involve herself sexually with her own species.
Quirks & Habits
Loyalty to Federation Conditional


Titles & Ranks
Enemies & Hazards
Friends & Allies
Medical Notes
Personal History Generations ago, a malicious invader species caused the water vapor canopy about Planet Tyrrhenius to rain down. Zareena's ancestors evacuated the planet before it ended up covered entirely with ocean.

Tyrrhenians scattered across the quadrant to a wide variety of worlds. Zareena's ancestors settled in Desian sectors. After a long era of isolation, her people finally elected to join the quadrant community.
Service (Backstory) Zareena was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence, the first of her species to join Starfleet. In order to preserve anonymity for covert purposes, she never formally attended Starfleet Academy. Nor was she assigned to any starbases. All of her training came in unnamed facilities.

Being an intelligence resource, the day came when Fleet decided to put her aboard a starship.
Service (RPG)


Species Highlights Tyrrhenians have a remarkable 'gravity buoyant' metabolism. In layman's terms, they can float about. She enjoys a gravity belt without the belt. Other than learning to sleep at night without needing a mattress, this movement requires conscious effort. The strength and endurance required for this ability parallels normal human movement. For example, she could carry fifty pounds for as long as a human female her size could in any given level of gravity. If a human couldn't stand in heavy G's, then she couldn't float. Once people become accustomed to her wall and ceiling walking, they discover that she's rather handy to have around.

As a cultural sport, Tyrrhenians raise Parkour and Freerunning to an entirely new level with their body buoyancy.

Tyrrhenians age more slowly than humans. Lifespans vary greatly, depending upon environments. They can range from 200-600 years. Zareena is 30 chronological years of age, but physically she is 20.

Preliminary medical studies indicate that Tyrrhenians genetically cannot hybridize with other species.
Relationship Status Single
Soulmate none
Host/Symbiont n/a
Children none
Father Jevven Darzjan
Mother Linti Darzjan
Legal Wards
Clan n/a
Other Family

Family Pics


Natural Abilities • Body gravity buoyancy.
Language(s) Spoken
Learned Skills • Vari-gravity Parkour & Freerunning.
• Vari-gravity ballet dance.
Combat Abilities
Special Maneuvers
Telepempathic Rating Nonexistent
Telempathic Skills none
Technopathic Rating Nonexistent
Technopathic Skills none
Mary Sue Factor Maybe a Little

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment Subsequent to the covert assault upon Zareena aboard a supposedly secure starship, she wears a security/countermeasure device. It utilizes continuously randomized encryption so that its active beacon cannot be mimicked.
Personal Weapons
Personal Vehicles
Offship Property