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1st Lieutenant Kevin Barnaby

Name Kevin Francis Barnaby

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age: Chronological 33
Age: Physical
Approx. Lifespan
Date of Birth October 15th 2358
Place of Birth New Washignton Colony
Special Character Availability Status

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kevin is a tall individual, who has several tattoo's on his body with an ace of spades on his the left part of his chest and a rain drop on his forearm which has earned him the nickname of 'wet spade'

He is well built with an average kind of physique.
Voice Quality

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kevin is a by the book kind of guy and takes the welfare of the Enlisted Crew very seriously and then that of the boat he serves.

He is a caring kind of guy who takes the time to learn about those that he serves with and understand what they each have to offer.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a man with a very broad background of knowledge, with skills as a former medic and Marine, which has served him well up to now.

Kevin does tend to let his mouth get him into trouble and can be seen as an insubordinate when in reality it is him.
Ambitions His only ambition is to serve and get the job done to the best of his ability.

Though with his Commission as an Officer, Kevin has recently contemplated the idea of one day becoming the Commandant of the SFMC and spending his retirement on New Washington
Hobbies & Interests On his down time he is a keen reader of classic crime fiction and of horror stories. He is also a fan of Ice Hockey and likes to play it on the holodeck.
Available for Relationships
Personal Xenosophy
Quirks & Habits
Loyalty to Federation


Titles & Ranks
Enemies & Hazards
Friends & Allies
Medical Notes Kevin has several scars from injuries sustained whilst serving on Tragia Prime, notably on his right side, in addition to those he has several Plasma burns on his left knee following the Boarding of the USS Elizabeth.

No breaks or Dislocations noted from previous assignments and no known Allergies.
Personal History Kevin was born at Camp Freedom on New Washington in October 2358, He was the middle son of the Company Gunnery Sergeant and Chief Archaeologist. But with his father being a serving Marine he grew up onboard Starbases and Ships until he was ten when his family settled on the New Washington Colony.

With him being from a Marine family he did what his older sister and his father had done, and Enlisted when he was 18. He completed all of his basic training and received additional training in battlefield first aid before Shipping out to USS Nigeria.

His time on Nigeria was quiet due to the fact that the Dominion War had ended a few years previous so this resulted in more exploration and less combat. He served there until 2379 before he returned to Earth.

His assignment on Earth was focused more on developing his skills with him serving at Starfleet Medical and then reassigned to the EOD Battalion who were short of a Medic.

In 2380 he and his Unit were assigned to the Tragia Cluster which was known for its somewhat unstable governments and this time he found himself diffusing explosives whilst treating wounds of the innocent civillians that lived there. He gained Promotion to Corporal within a year and then Sergeant within another two years mainly because they were short of experienced NCO's at Camp Freedom.

After an incident in 2383 which resulted in the loss of seven Marines and the serious injuries of eleven more, Kevin earned a few ribbons before granted a Commission as a Second Lieutenant. His Unit were reassigned following the cease fire in 2384.

This decision was something his family were immensely proud of, they had two children who were now Officers in the Marines. His father saluted him on his return home.

Following his reassignment from Tragia, Kevin was assigned to teach Explosive Disarmament training at Starfleet Command, something he did not enjoy and following another promotion he was assigned to the USS Elizabeth and her Reaction Force.

In 2387 whilst assigned to Peace Keeping duties in the hostile Velldrin System, the USS Elizabeth was attacked an boarded. The Marines and Ship Security tried their best to repel boarders but the XO and Second Officer were killed. Kevin was forced to take temporary charge of the Security Department until a suitable candidate was appointed.

Following his stint on the USS Elizabeth, Kevin took a small Leave of Absence to heal from his injuries and spent it on New Washington.

After 6 months on leave he returned to active duty, Kevin took a posting on Starbase 667 however following an altercation with a fellow Officer he was reprimanded and demoted.

In accordance with his demotion, Kevin was reassigned to the 12th Marine Reaction Force. He later received a promotion following good behaviour.

He is currently waiting reassignment.
Service (Backstory)
Service (RPG) 2358 - Born

2376 - Enlisted Starfleet Marine Corp

2377 - 2379 - USS Nigeria (Private/Private First Class)

2379 - 2380 - Earth, EOD training and Battlefield first aid courses (Private First Class/Lance Corporal)

2380 - Assigned to Camp Puller, Tragia Peace Keeping Force (Lance Corporal)

2381 - 2383 Promotion to Corporal (EOD Platoon) later Platoon Sergeant

2383 - 2384 Battlefield Commission to Second Lieutenant and assumed Command of EOD Platoon.

2384-2386 EOD and Combat skills Instructor at Earth Starfleet - Promotion to First Lieutenant.

2386 - 2388 - USS Elizabeth as Marine Captain and later as acting Second Officer

2388 - Leave of Absence due to injuries sustained whilst serving - New Washington Colony

2389 - Starbase 667 - Demoted to First Lieutenant following altercation with Starfleet Officer

2390 - Assigned to 12th marine Reaction Force 'Nimrods'. Promoted back to Marine Captain.

2391 - Currently waiting to be reassigned to Fleet Duty.


Species Highlights
Relationship Status Single
Father Sergeant Major Darren Barnaby (ret)
Mother Dr Francessca Barnaby
Sister(s) Major Elizabeth Barnaby
Brother(s) Sergeant Lucas Barnaby
Legal Wards
Other Family

Family Pics


Natural Abilities
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Andorian, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Orion, Ferengi
Learned Skills
Combat Abilities
Special Maneuvers
Telepempathic Rating
Telempathic Skills
Technopathic Rating
Technopathic Skills
Mary Sue Factor

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment
Personal Weapons
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