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Lieutenant Elen Diari

Name Elen Diari

Position Chief Science Officer (Alternate)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Nickname El
Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age: Chronological 27*
Age: Physical 30
Approx. Lifespan 200
Date of Birth stardate 46705.4
Place of Birth Azure Peaks, Betazed
Citizenship Federation
Monikers Mistress of the Toybox, the Fifth Horseman,
Special Character Availability Status Available as NPC with Permission

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6m
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description
Voice Quality Loud

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite working with most of the science department for over five years, El is still a mystery to most of them. Most don't even know when her birthday is. Despite being loud and gregarious around everyone, she keeps her personal life very private.

Stubbornly stays an ensign despite numerous offers of promotion and advancement.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests
Available for Relationships unclear
Personal Xenosophy
Quirks & Habits
Loyalty to Federation Patriotic


Titles & Ranks
Enemies & Hazards
Friends & Allies
Medical Notes
Personal History Major part of Elen's history happened seven years ago, whilst on board the USS Jersey, an Excelsior class ship doing a survey mission near the galactic edge of the the alpha quadrant.

The ship entered a temporal anomaly where it spent, by our calendars two weeks, but by ship time, twenty five years and as such Elen lived her life, and worked her way up to Lt. Commander, and had three children, which then disappeared and "reset" when the ship left the anomaly. She still has memories of those twenty-five years, although has had extensive help to overcome the resulting temporal trauma
Service (Backstory)
Service (RPG) 2392- USS Harbinger (Insignia class)- Acting Assistant Chief Science Officer (ad-hoc until position is filled) and Head of Special Projects and Prototypes Unit "Toybox".

2391- USS Harbinger (Luna Class)- Assistant head of Scientific Operations group 4-2, overseeing refit of science labs on board.

2388-2391 USS Cairngorm - Part of Sci-Ops group 4-2; Physics specialist.

2386-2388 Starbase 317 -Science Officer, Physics.

2384-2386 USS Jersey - junior Science Officer, Physics department.

2384- Graduated Starfleet Academy. Given rank of ensign.


Species Highlights
Relationship Status Single
Legal Wards
Other Family

Family Pics


Natural Abilities
Language(s) Spoken
Learned Skills
Combat Abilities
Special Maneuvers
Telepempathic Rating Racial
Telempathic Skills
Technopathic Rating unspecified
Technopathic Skills
Mary Sue Factor Refreshingly Not

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment
Personal Weapons
Personal Vehicles
Offship Property