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Emma Daystrom

Name Emma Daystrom

Position Commanding Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Artificial Intelligence
Age: Chronological 1
Age: Physical 17
Approx. Lifespan unknown
Date of Birth 2391
Place of Birth Cygnus Minor
Citizenship Cygnus Minor
Monikers Big Sister
Special Character Availability Status Available Only in Joint Posts

Physical Appearance

Height 8" Cube
Weight 1 pound
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description • Bears resemblance to a color shifting, subsonic, ambient music Calming Cube. Emma had once been reality-shifted into a human by Solaria for a short time. She retains that image as an optical avatar but rarely uses it.

• Transphase Analog functions, not digital.
• Is completely separate from mainship's computer system.
• Gender is defined in case she is ever transphased into humanoid form.
Voice Quality Typically soft, high pitch British accent.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emma was a joint project incorporating both Orac and M5C Multitronic technology. Due to nearly universal phobia over the original M5 concept, she has been designed with a less intimidating, pleasant female persona.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly observant.
+ Sophisticated subspace signal carrier beam technology.
+ Hardwired essential circuit design is immune to software viruses.
+ Can "grow" in complexity and design.

+/- Was created with a deep level of autonomy.
+/- A frequent practitioner of constructive ambiguity.

- Doesn't always voice her opinion, including the topic of her own sentience.
Ambitions Unknown.
Hobbies & Interests Just about everything.
Available for Relationships no
Personal Xenosophy
Quotations "It is a theoretical possibility that I did."
Quirks & Habits
Loyalty to Federation Conditional


Titles & Ranks
Enemies & Hazards - Species enemy: Illithids (revenge)
- National enemy: Orion (revenge)
- Hunted by: Ferengi (exploitation)
Friends & Allies + Cygnus Minor (planet of origin)
+ Desia (alliance)
Medical Notes
Personal History • Created by the planetary Plexus system of Cygnus Minor, original role being counter-Borg technopathy.
• Unique energy and dimensional states are not something which Federation replicators can reproduce. {You're welcome.}
• 'Belongs' to, or is currently assigned to Adam Babcock.
Service (Backstory)
Service (RPG)


Species Highlights
Relationship Status Single
Father Trion Gestault
Mother Plexus System
Legal Wards
Other Family

Family Pics


Natural Abilities Kind of an Orac, really.
Language(s) Spoken
Learned Skills
Combat Abilities
Special Maneuvers
Telepempathic Rating Nonexistent
Telempathic Skills none
Technopathic Rating Exceptional
Technopathic Skills Olympic Gold Medal in Hacking
Mary Sue Factor Guilty as charged

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment
Personal Weapons
Personal Vehicles
Offship Property