The Sim

The Federation Insignia-class starship is a Cruiser with a modular design, allowing it a great deal of mission flexibility and preparedness. One of the newer starship classes within Starfleet, its initial goal was to surpass the warp-speed limitations of the 2370's. While it's design process took it away from that goal, it is still one of the most impressive ships in the Federation.

First commissioned in 2366, the Insignia-class was expected to be a replacement for the Galaxy-class starship. This expectation was cut short as the Insignia's design was abandoned in favor of the more robust Excalibur and Sovereign-class starships for Galaxy-class replacements. That did not mean that the Insignia was without her strengths, however. While the final design of the Insignia was rejected at this phase, the core design lived in.

Transferred to a new R&D team, the Insignia was given a new life. Focusing their efforts on making her faster and more flexible than before, the team began equipping the Insignia class with the best engines and warp cores, and fine-tuning the modular design that had intrigued so many of their peers. With the interchangeable modules and Variable Geometry Warp pylon designs, news of this new class spread like wild fire, and before long the requests to begin building the ship were approved.

The Insignia had two maiden ships, the USS Insignia and the USS Firebrand. Both ships saw some time in action during the Dominion War, but it was minimal. They predominately served as guard vessels around key, strategic planets.

Once the war slowed, and finally ended, the Insignias were allowed to start venturing out and getting into trouble. With their extra-fast speed, and high powered systems integrated into the ship, the vessels quickly became popular in Starfleet, and three more were commissioned.

The Insignia has become a staple in the Starfleet line up, providing versitility, strength, and agility to the mix in ways that only a small ship can.

The eight wedge-shaped sections around the front of the ship can be "hot-swapped" at an orbital dry dock in order to allow the ship to take on a specialized focus (i.e., Medical, Marine, Engineering, etc) to fit the needs of its mission. Depending on the configuration needed, this could be a time consuming process. During peacetime, the ship is often laid-out with a Starfleet standard load out, leaving it generally ready for anything.