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CSO log, what the ---

Posted on 12/15/2015 @ 1:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Johnston Grant

Chief Science Officer's log- USS Harbinger.

Stardate- haven't a scooby, ship's chronometer's stuffed.
Location- too scared to look out a window, and no star charts.

Came back off leave, Great seeing Mum again. Dad's memorial looked pretty swish, white marble in the shape of a celtic cross outside the infirmary, Bluebells growing at the bottom.

Anyway, the starbase were replacing the computer core, why I went on leave in the first place. Most of the senior staff did too.

To get to the point- the starbase came under attack, so we launched, I say we, Emma, Adam's AI tied herself into the systems and flew off with the crew on board.

As far as I know, I'm the highest ranked person on this ship now.

No Sheppard, Azad, Niequist, Markell, Ch'Dane, Myra- just me, a demoted Adam (he's gone back to ensign) and El so far.

Hopefully someone higher up the foodchain will turn up soon. Praying it's Niequist or Myra, the systems are a mess just now.


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