4.209 internal communication

Posted on 12/23/2015 @ 10:00am by Registered Crew Member Class:B Dum-E


Big Human took me to home planet to see its makers. Had a Furry exocomp that tried face to face interface, but could not produce correct networking, has biological input/output. Planet too wet for liking. Prefer big ship.

Big ship changed now, more chatter on wireless frequencies. Increased EM noise too, too noisy on levels 5,6, and 7. Big ship now called Emma, can't interface much at moment, lot of new connections being made, so no time to talk.

Few other life forms like me detected, none have come and said hello yet, because of elevated noise levels from big human, yellow human, and hairy human, I am staying on little ship until called.


Big Human - Grant
Furry Exocomp- Dog
Big Ship- Harbinger
Yellow Human- El
Hairy Human -Hideki
Little Ship- Cairngorm