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Bugging Strategies

Posted on 07/24/2016 @ 2:41pm by Emma Daystrom & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Captain Xeletos & Ensign Zareena Darzjan & Chief Warrant Officer Third Class Rib Bunkerbuff

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Location: Intel Center, USS Harbinger en route to Singhosh System
Timeline: Hours before arrival.


Captain Xeletos decided to convene the planning session on the bridge. They were too close to pending battle to indulge in conference tables and coffee. He explained, "We've just received word. The independent outpost Sigma Seven has come under Clendathu assault. The bugs are landing on the planet. Emma?"

Holographic displays hung mid-air and she explained, "The planet has an atmosphere, but it is uninhabitable. There is no asteroid field like that found at Singosh. Base defences thwarted the initial attack, but the invaders have begun landing ground forces BVR."

Chief Bunkerbuff frowned with worry, "Can they evacuate?"

"At this point, we don't know."

"We must rescue them! Singosh is uninhabited. Nobody needs rescuing from there."

Xeletos' tone sounded subdued, "We think that is what the bugs want us to do. Sigma Seven is not a strategic vulnerability to the Federation. Singosh is."

The argumentative Tellarite balked, "Sig Seven is obviously important to somebody!"

Ens. Darzjan asked, "Sir, could we dispatch our Blackhawks and drones? Between marines and combat craft, that could buy considerable time."

The captain settled back against railing, "Are you ready for this?"

Bunkerbuff guessed, "We're not allowed to!"

Xeletos offered a nod, "More precisely, we must obtain permission from Starfleet, who must in turn ask the Federation Security Council."

"It will be too late by then!"

"That is the probable scenario."

Zareena asked, "Could we at least request that USS Omar Bradley turn back? She might not be able to engage ground forces, but at warp she could attack inbound reinforcements."

Emma answered, "We have already submitted that request. Unfortunately, we have received no response as of yet."

"How long will it take?"

Xeletos answered, "Instantly, Ensign. Our quantum entangled link is still able to pick up the far end at this range."

Bunkerbuff suggested, "Can't we at least launch the small craft now? If the answer is 'no', then we can recall them. If the answer is 'yes', then they'll already be well on their way."

Sorella answered, "I have analyzed speeds, Chief. It would be faster for us to hit Singosh and then proceed at high warp to launch the small craft. They would arrive at Sigma faster than if they started out now. We would have the option to then either return to Singosh to continue the battle or else proceed to Sigma."

Emma asked, "Captain, Ensign Randall has a request."

"By all means."

A holo-com opened, "Everyone, I was feeling bad that Cyberland was going to have to sit this one out, but maybe we not." She hesitated, "I don't know anything about bugs. But... by all accounts, they are under extremely organized command. If we could analyze the nature of that command network, we might be able to tap into it."

Xeletos nodded in thought. "I know that their brain bugs are telepathic, but I'm not sure that this is what the soldier bugs utilize. Ensign Diari, please research this possibility. If we can identify their different command methods, then we can try to apply countermeasures."

"Sure, but I'm a high energy particle physicist, not an entomologist - we don't have one in the biology group. I'll try my best." She replied from the science station, spinning from one console to the other.

Ens. Darjzan shook her head, "This ship isn't telepath-strong."

"I know. We'll have to be careful and search for alternative means."

"There's 13 of us on board " Elen offered "five Betazoids, two Cairn, four Halanans, and a couple of trained Vulcans", as she closed her eyes to sense them out.

Xeletos offered a nod of acknowledgement, "If you could organize them into a cohesive telepath unit, then they might be of considerable help. Can you take on this task without becoming overloaded? I've already assigned you a number of plates to juggle."

"I'll delegate it to others, if I need help, got a good team in the sciences, a little inexperienced, but hard workers." She smiled back, not letting the Captain know she was unsure about 'this being in charge thing' he had her doing.

"Very good." He glanced at the time. "We are fast running out of time." He headed toward the turbolift, "I want to check on some things in Cyberland."

Lt. Elen Diari
Capt. Xeletos
Ens. Zareena Darzjan
Chief Rib Bunkerbuff
A.I. Emma Daystrom

USS Harbinger


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