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Drafting Soldier-Bots

Posted on 07/25/2016 @ 1:27pm by Emma Daystrom & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Captain Xeletos & Sorella/SYSTER [P: Emma]

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Location: Toybox


Capt. Xeletos wasn't one to idle on the bridge or in an office. If activity was called for, he liked to present himself at the locus. Walking at his usual brisk pace, he coursed the corridors toward Toybox. He wasn't such an odd sight any more. People were becoming accustomed to his unusual appearance.

Although it was his to go anywhere on the ship that he wished, he knocked at the Toybox doorway, "Lieutenant Diari?"

El wasn't happy at the new title "Yes." She replied glumly "I'm a lieutenant now. Not my choice but hey-ho. How can I help, captain ?"

The Metalunan replied, "We have a few bots aboard that could be quite useful. In particular, the robotic cougar and your science bots interest me. RC is already a war machine, but I would like you to militarize the others. I'll leave it to you as to how you do it, but should think that mounting heavy phaser rifles on dexterous mountings could make them into very effective escorts against Clendathu soldiers."

"Red and Blue are with Hideki at the moment, getting armed up. Micro-torpedo launchers from shuttles in the shoulders, type-4 phaser banks on the arms. Green's not ready yet for service. Dum-E is not going into combat, no question of that. The little guys' set up for rapid repair should Syster or Cyberland need it, gets into places damage control can't. Feel it's better to keep systems up then strap a phaser to the little mite." She answered.

Xeletos nodded, "Our VFD repair drones are equally unsuited. I never did like pressing equipment and people being pressed into service in ways that they were ill-equipped, especially telepaths."

"The telepaths are getting the once over from Medical, Want to make sure they're 100% mentally for combat. No point in using them in that way if the mind's not strong enough, I mean my telekinesis is terrible, so won't be using that skill out there, might be same for those I felt."

The captain pursed his lips pensively, "I didn't have any success with Starfleet, so I think I will try recruiting outside resources. I'll probably get into trouble for it, but hopefully success will be the mother of forgiveness."

"As for more information on bugs, a biology and chemistry team are on their way from the Perseus Expedition that just passed Carzoria. The Feynman's bringing them here."

"Hmmm... Emma?"

"Yes, Captain."

"I want SYSTER to dedicate a tactical plan to keep Feynman safe. As much as I crave reinforcements, I want to make sure that she remains an asset and doesn't become a liability. Remember, Clendathu are intelligently adaptive."

SYSTER responded, ==Tactical expansion... established.==

"Any update on the Omar Bradley?"

Emma replied, "Starfleet declined to send her back to us. It is possible that she is more damaged than we were told, but I suspect that Fleet wants to forensically study damage to shield generators."

"I concur." Xeletos looked to El, "Depending upon the outcome of our arrival at Singosh, our 'battle bots' might end up on Sigma Seven... if anybody is still alive when we get there."

"I'll get Ensign Marshall to contact you when they're ready" El answered mindlessly, looking back at her list of things to do.


Lt. Elen Diari
Capt. Xeletos
A.I. Emma Daystrom

USS Harbinger


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