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Probing Interest

Posted on 08/02/2016 @ 12:50pm by Captain Xeletos & Emma Daystrom & Chief Warrant Officer Third Class Rib Bunkerbuff & Sorella/SYSTER [P: Emma]

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Location: USS Harbinger approaching Singosh System


As USS Harbinger streaked at flank speed toward Singosh, the bridge crew watched camera and sensor feeds on mainscreen. Capt. Allenger of USS Omar Bradley had dropped probes into the system during his retreat. Now having the activation codes, Capt. Xeletos elected to activate one of them.

SYSTER analyzed and highlighted readings of interest. She zoomed in camera images. ==I detect what appears to be munitions processing. Asteroid debris of varying size are being collected and refined in shape to become warp projectiles. All have ultra-dense core material.==

Chief Bunkerbuff frowned, "They're turning the whole system into an artillery battery."

Xeletos asked, "Estimated time to activation?"

==I detect no intense gravity points that would be used as catapults. The Clendathu are either awaiting materials or they simply haven't begun manifesting them, yet.==

"Army presence."

SYSTER zoomed in on an image. ==Do you see that asteroid?==

"I do."

==It isn't an asteroid. It's an army hive-ship... a battle barge, if you will. I have detected five of them. They appear to be heavily armored. The probe is unable to scan inside.==

Xeletos ordered, "Syster, configure mixed torpedo salvos, quantums to pierce the armor and photons to cause maximum internal damage."

A worried Ens. Decker asked, "Contact protocol requires that we attempt to make contact and negotiate peaceful withdrawal."

Bunkerbuff balked, "VAH! Earth and its Vietnam orders! Such a delay will be fatal to us, outnumbered as we will be!"

Xeletos nodded, "We can accommodate both of your concerns. We will direct Omar Bradley's probe to broadcast the Federation protocol now."

Rib folded his arms, "Bye bye, probe."

"True, but we will not be constrained by any delays once we arrive."

"Transmitting now, Sir."

As predicted by Chief Bunkerbuff, several of what appeared to be 'space bug' fighters closed in upon the probe. Upon the first pass, it ceased transmission. "Syster, analysis of those small craft."

==Biomechanoid vehicles. The closest Alpha Quadrant equivalent would be small Orion Venothorn fighters. No evidence of FTL propulsion. Chiton appears to be re-entry capable.==

"Support fighters."

Emma cautioned, "We are approaching Singosh system. I am detecting what appear to be long range sensor signals."

Xeletos returned a nod. "Bring the ship to battle stations. Rig ECM for targeting distortion. Syster, calculate an attack sweep against the five invasion bug army pods."

==Calculated. Torpedo warhead combinations are ready in the bursters.==

Emma cautioned, "Asteroid debris is far too dense to make passes at warp speed."

Xeletos ordered, "Stand by to have tachyon probes precede us in our attack path. If they reveal any mines, then read forward photons in area blast mode."

"Countermeasure... prepared."

"Ensign Moriloth. Take us in."


Capt. Xeletos
A.I. Emma Daystrom
NPC's SYSTER & Chief Bunkerbuff

USS Harbinger


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