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A Threat Resurrected

Posted on 07/24/2016 @ 3:08pm by Ichabod Zorch 13th & Emma Daystrom & MAX
Edited on on 07/24/2016 @ 3:20pm

Mission: Mission E06: Starship Troopers
Location: Hall of Punishment, Venzarus


Sometimes, far distant events set into motion have a watershed effect. The Hall of Justice in the Venzarian capital served as a prison-on-display for the public. Atop pedestals were bio-cases holding living, conscious heads of convicts. Ichabod Zorch the 13th was one of them.

During his yet indefinite confinement, the scheming mastermind had long days to converse with his fellow talking heads. It was like a college to him. He learned about black marketeering, alien sabotage systems, mercenary groups, and a whole host of evilness of which the Federation was not yet aware.

One late evening, he couldn't keep from smiling. At first, people thought that perhaps insanity was setting it. It wasn't uncommon in prisoners who suffered this fate. Those who knew him better, however, suspected that something was going on. "Your servant came by to day. He said something in code, didn't he?" They had to choose their words carefully. A computer transcribed every whisper and alerted security if red flag words were used.

Zorch smiled, "Let's just say that he brought some happy news from home. Annnd... if my greatest and most loyal minion was delivered, I should have even more happy news in about fifteen seconds!"

All was quiet. Eyes looked to and fro in the usual vain hope that somebody would stealth past security for a breakout. Breakout, yes, but stealth wasn't part of the plan. The main hall entrance doors exploded under the impact of a large demolition charge. Zorch began singing, "What a hap-hap-happity day!"

Spherical infiltration drones shot through the air under Jem'Hadar cloak. With forcefields down and alarms now sounding, they surrounded Zorch's casing and plugged their dangling tendrils into the support mechanism. Venzarian guards came charging in with guns ready, but they didn't get the chance to fire. Zorch's trusty MAX, a high grade war robot, hit them with everything from neutron blast radiation to precision aimed cutter beams.

MAX hovered over to Zorch and picked up the casing. "Why Max! I didn't know you cared!"

As they started to leave, betrayed prison mates protested, "HEY! You said if we gave you information that you'd free us too! Don't you dare double-cross us!"

"Stop." MAX came to a halt and rotated to give the head a look. The robot then blasted the man who protested. Zorch smiled, "Anybody else feel double-crossed? No? Okay. That's good news. Come on MAX, let us be on our way! First... the rest of my body. After that, vengeance. And after that? More vengeance! What a hap-hap-happity day!"


Ichabod Zorch 13th
Venzarian talking heads.

USS Harbinger


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